Advanced Process Management Principles - Key to Sustainability

What do leaders want? In a word – RESULTS! And that is precisely what process management can deliver when practiced at the enterprise level.

BPM is not just about technology. It is first and foremost about improving organizational performance. Major initiatives will only be optimized if senior leaders are engaged in applying process management principles and practices at the enterprise level. To make this happen, as many practitioners have learned, requires transforming traditional thought models and behaviors to look at the value that the business creates for customers systemically. This is easier said than done.

This is an advanced course and will be of most value to those participants who have a strong base of practical experience. This interactive workshop presents essential principles from a non-technical perspective with a focus on management behavior.

The session will address specific business practices needed to optimize results in the definition, analysis, design and implementation of process improvements as well as for ongoing process management. It will examine what is needed to create executive engagement and enthusiasm, and illustrate what actions are needed by the senior team to leverage organizational capability through business process thinking.

Course Outline:

The Enterprise View

  • Key Leadership Behaviors – Aptitude and Attitude
  • Characteristics of leading companies
  • Core and Support or Enabling Processes
  • Building an enterprise process management plan
  • Process Ownership

The Project View

  • Why Methodology Matters
  • Critical success factors in project planning
  • Key considerations in definition, analysis, design and implementation

Unique Value of Course:

  • The impact of traditional functional thinking on enterprise business process management
  • The major components in an enterprise framework
  • Tips and techniques on engaging senior leaders in adopting process management practices
  • The key changes needed in executive roles and behaviors to assure process management success
  • The major issues and roadblocks that need to be addressed and overcome


  • Understand how to depict an enterprise process view
  • Understand the key elements in the development of process measures
  • Be able to describe the key components in an enterprise business process management plan
  • Be able to articulate the critical success factors in project definition, analysis, and design
  • Understand the essence of managing processes for sustainable performance improvement

Who Should Attend:

This session is designed for senior managers contemplating or involved in customer-centric, process-based change and the establishment of process-managed organizations. It will be of particularly interest to the senior manager who is – or soon expects to be - named a ‘process owner’ and assume responsibility for the performance of a major cross-functional process.

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