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As organizations push for digital transformation, a set of skills on business process, business architecture, agile, and decision making are in hot demand. Our certificate program features professional certificates that address the skills needed to succeed with digital transformation. According to a recent survey, you could earn up to 25% more than colleagues who have not earned a similar certificate.

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Digital Transformation Specialist Certificate

You're looking for a way to obtain digital transformation skills, but you're not sure where to start.

Earning your Digital Transformation Specialist (DXS) Certificate will give you the competitive advantage you need in today's world.

You will learn how to think big, and transformational yet start small and succeed, how to create and deploy Minimum Viable Products with Low Code/No Code, how to build or transform BPMN models with the intention of executing/automating them, how to rapidly and effectively model/map the customer journey and how to apply critical success factors in process analysis and design.

The DXS Certificate is the perfect way to show employers that you are serious about transformation. With in-depth knowledge of the fundamental aspects, you'll be able to take your business career to the next level.


We offer four-course and eight-course certificate programs for all of the disciplines. You can start with a four-course program and graduate up to an eight-course program as time and budget allows.

Professional Certificates: Eight-course programs consisting of core and elective courses.

Digital Transformation Professional Certificate

The Digital Transformation Professional (DXP) Certificate program starts with transformative Culture and concludes with a deep dive into Digital Transformation Competency Centers. And has specialty programs for Agile Business Analysis, Decision Automation, Process Mining, Low Code/No Code and Intelligent Automation. Learn how to create a prioritized roadmap for your Digital Transformation journey.

Business Process Management Professional Certificate

The Business Process Management Professional (BPMP) Certificate is the most recognized credential for BPM* practitioners worldwide. Certificate holders have successfully completed an eight course BPM curriculum and acquired an understanding of six important practice areas.

Business Architecture Professional Certificate

The Business Architecture Professional (BAIP) Certificate is the most recognized credential for Business Architecture practitioners worldwide. Certificate holders have successfully completed an eight course BA curriculum and acquired an understanding of six critical practice areas.

OPEX Professional Certificate

The Operational Excellence Professional (OEP) Certificate is an alternative program for Green Belts who want a systemic view and a technology enabled approach by leveraging a powerful combination of Six Sigma, Lean and BPM skills. It's also for Black Belts who wish to build on their knowledge of Six Sigma and Lean by mastering a broad view of Operational Excellence.

Specialist Certificates: Four-course programs focused on specific disciplines.

Digital Transformation Specialist Certificate

The Digital Transformation Specialist (DXS) Certificate Digital Transformation has many facets - from cultural transformation to deployment of various emerging digital technologies. This program will teach and explain why business leaders need to be aware of the digital trends and realize transformation roadmaps with platforms and digital methodology best practices. This program will also cover all the key pillars of Digital Transformation holistically with practical recommendations and exercises..

Agile Business Analysis Certificate

The Agile Business Analysis Specialist (ABAS) Certificate proclaims your knowledge about business analysis in the agile environment. Completing the Agile Business Analysis program of study is a strong differentiator. You’ll gain competitive advantage with business analysis skills and create more opportunities for yourself. In addition you will learn valuable techniques that will help your company’s implementation of agile.

The Decision Automation (DAS) Certificate gives you insight to a standards-based approach to automating and digitizing business decision-making. Using a Decision Management approach, decision modeling and business rules technology is a proven way to automate decisions for increased business agility and more effective, more targeted processes.

The Process Mining Specialist (SPM) Certificate is a new process improvement and optimization approach that is data-centric and pragmatic. Organizations can identify substantive improvement opportunities through understanding and optimizing what really transpired in their processes. Process Mining can fill many of the gaps of traditional process improvement approaches by analyzing and understanding the process patterns in event logs obtained from the digital footprints of processes spanning multiple applications.

The Low Code / No Code Specialist (NCS) Certificate enables robust, fast, and efficient development of applications in all categories: Web, Mobile, Enterprise, and others. It will help startups achieve accelerated development of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). It will also help Enterprises succeed in their Digital Transformation initiatives. More importantly, this program will help Citizen Developers as well as traditional IT developers.

The Intelligent Automation Specialist (IAS) Certificate focuses on Hyperuatomation to understand the transformative potential of Intelligent Automation and create a pragmatic roadmap for Automation best practices. Intelligent Automation is a significant milestone in the evolution of Business Process Management. The program will illustrate how Process Mining can be followed with Intelligent Automation through software robots and process automation.

BAIS Certificate

The Business Architecture Specialist (BAIS) Certificate demonstrates you have successfully completed a four-course BA curriculum and acquired an understanding of critical practice areas.

Business Process Management Specialist Certificate

The BPM Specialist (BPMS) Certificate demonstrates you have acquired an introduction to critical BPM practice areas. Your skills will include building hierarchical process models, using tools to analyze and assess process performance, defining critical process metrics, using best practice principles to redesign processes, developing process improvement project plans, building a center of excellence, and establishing process governance.

Agile BPM Specialist Certificate

The Agile BPM Specialist (ABS) Certificate proclaims your knowledge about applying agile principles and concepts to your business process management initiatives. Completing the Agile BPM program of study is a strong differentiator. You’ll gain a unique set of skills that enable existing BPM practices to deliver value quicker and more frequently to your customers, both internal and external.

OPEX Specialist Certificate

The Operational Excellence Specialist (OES) Certificate is an alternative to traditional Yellow Belt programs, our integrated, comprehensive program provides you with the powerful combination of Six Sigma, Lean and BPM skills.

How to Earn Your Certificate

You have a few options for earning your certificate.

Pay as you go:

  • Register for courses as you need them
  • We keep track of your progress
  • No time limit to earn your certificate

Visit the Learning Paths to select your individual courses.

Purchase a Certificate Package:

  • Save a bundle over a-la-carte pricing
  • Complimentary professional membership
  • Take up to 2 years to complete

Visit the certificate page of your choice to review courses and to purchase a package.

Flexible delivery methods

Our courses are available through the most popular delivery methods.

On Demand eLearning Blended Learning Face-to-Face
On Demand
On Demand and Live Online   Blended Learning   On Demand, Live Online and Face-to-Face

Complete your Certificate 100% online. Choose from our most popular On Demand courses available 24/7/365 from your PC, phone or tablet.

Attend Live Online courses - they allow you to interact with instructors and fellow students. You may also choose to take On Demand courses.


The Blended Learning Certificate Package gives you the best of both worlds - four face-to-face courses and four eLearning courses.


Our most flexible package allows you to register for any delivery method you wish. Attend any of our face-to-face events as well as register for eLearning courses as it
fits your schedule.

Delivery methods:

  • On Demand

Delivery methods:

  • Live Online
  • On Demand

Delivery methods:

  • Face-to-Face
  • Live Online
  • On Demand

Delivery methods:

  • Face-to-Face
  • Live Online
  • On Demand


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