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cedric tyler
posted 1 year 43 weeks ago

Digital Transformation, AI, CJM & RPAs Achillies heel

Good article.... cannot agree more regarding BP definitions as an enabler. However, the state of the art (it literally is an art!) 20th century (and crude) renderings of processes are unworkable. They lack the detail, completeness, rigor and science to articulate the finer detail of these new technologies. These dated process views omit essential elements of the business and will mostly result in a flawed or inadequate solution. Deming insightfully stated, "you can't build what you can't describe". A truism. I built upon this notion by stating, "you can't describe what you can't define". In other words, the common definitions of what constitutes a "process" are archaic - largely based on Champy-Hammer, Rummler-Brache definitions....or even worse "intuitive" flow diagrams. The Business Modelling Language by BusinessGenetics(r) has been around for a some years and remains the principle contender to enable these newer technologies. It has a multi-dimensional framework and most importantly, a definitive rule set to govern the content creation of the business rendering. The result is a complete, consistent and highly accurate view of the (future) new technology enabled operating model, that can be consumed and easily implemented by technologist.


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