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Earl Sires
posted 34 weeks 52 min ago

Low-code/no-code broader than I thought

Fascinating thoughts! I didn't conceive of platforms like Zapier and WordPress as low-code/no-code solutions, but you are absolutely correct that they are. It's interesting how quickly many code-based functions are moving to lower/no-code versions, almost like Windows developed after DOS. The company I work for, Rapid Insight, is a low-code solution for data prep and predictive modeling, so I've always thought of low-code/no-code in that respect, but as you describe, it's a much broader phenomenon. The 5 no-code/low-code challenges you highlight are absolutely on-point. We do our best to address these challenges, particularly numbers 2 and 4, by offering an expert, on-call analyst support team. Predictive modeling and data preparation can be intimidating, so we do our best to offer help and guidance on a technical and conceptual level. Thanks for writing this post!


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