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Leading Edge BPM Benefits Without Bleeding Edge Pain

Best Practices With Oracle Process Accelerators How can organizations reach BPM “process excellence” faster, thus delivering consistent value with BPM? One of the current trends includes adopting “process templates”. Oracle Process Accelerators are pre-built business process solutions that can be deployed as-is, or extended to meet customer-specific requirements. Generic templates or frameworks are important, however not enough to really affect an organization’s productivity with BPM. This webcast presents an “under the hood” view of Process Accelerator best practices and patterns that can serve as blueprints for organizations striving to reach maturity in their process-driven solutions.

Extending Your Business Rules with BPM

System (BRMS) understands the benefits of empowering knowledge workers to respond quickly to changing market dynamics.  Business Rules are a powerful tool for automating and optimizing decisions, and a critical part of an overall process improvement initiative.  Combining Business Rules or Decision Management with BPM extends the value of your existing investment.  Decisions are a part of every process and the decision services created to support other areas of your business can be re-used within the context of a running BPM process.   BPM can also be used enhance the quality of data required for decision services and provide visibility across decision services to ensure they align with organizational goals and objectives.

11 Habits for Highly Successful BPM Programs

Learn the Habits that drive process-improvement success, from project delivery and growing team competency to scaling BPM across the enterprise. These are proven techniques that will help you get started implementing successful BPM projects throughout your organization. Process improvement is about achieving better business outcomes. Technology is providing powerful capabilities that organizations are using now to quickly and continuously improve customer-facing and back-end operations. The challenge, of course, is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Presenter Bios Bill Hahn, BPM Solution Architect, IBM 
Bill Hahn is an IBM Sr. Consulting BPM Solution Architect, Open Group Master Certified ITS and Development Tools Evangelist.  In 20+ years at IBM he has worked in the development labs, consulting services and technical sales. Bill is currently based in Chicago.

Breaking Through the Barriers to BPM Success

Companies worldwide have for generations sought to better manage their key business processes to improve efficiency, insight into their impact, and to achieve greater business flexibility. The introduction of new technology consistently provides new ways to achieve these benefits yet each new technology also imposes constraints, or barriers, in the path of success. In addition the natural resistance to human and organizational change in the enterprise is a deterrent process optimization. This workshop will address the challenges to BPM success and provide best practices, demonstrations, and case studies to highlight business challenges, processes, and results. This workshop will also include a look at the latest process management technology from Oracle that has been designed to simplify achieving process management success

Best Practices and Customer Success with BPM

Companies worldwide have for generations sought to better manage the processes that are key to their constituencies and business by managing them to improve efficiency, insight into their impact, and how to use them to achieve greater flexibility. Over the years the introduction of new technology provides new ways to achieve these benefits yet each new technology also imposes a barrier in the path of success. In addition, change management and human and organizational change is a naturally resistant force that can stand in the way of success. This workshop will address companies' challenges to BPM success and provide best practices, demonstrations, and case studies to highlight processes, results, and challenges addressed. This workshop will also include a look at the latest process management technology from Oracle that has been designed to simplify achieving process management success. Presenter Bios

BPM Adoption Patterns & Practices in Industry

Greater operational efficiency and business agility are goals that are relevant to companies across all industry. Attend this webinar with Sanjeev Sharma, Principal Product Director, BPM & SOA and learn how Financial Services, Communications, Utilities and Retail customers have adopted business process management, employed best practices, and addressed the pertinent process challenges within their industry to deliver relevant business value. Featured Speaker:

Tips to Simplify and Speed up Your Business Process Diagramming

A wealth of new, easy-to-use features in Visio 2010 enable business analysts and other process professionals to create diagrams faster than ever before, even as they connect their diagrams to databases and SharePoint lists, and view dynamically refreshable diagrams using any web browser. Topics covered in the webcast...
  • See why Visio 2010 is the most exciting release in a decade
  • Create flowcharts and BPMN diagrams faster SharePoint
  • Learn how to validate business process diagrams against business rules
  • Connect diagrams to data and then publish the results to the web
  • Build human- and document-centric workflows in Visio and execute them in SharePoint
Visio 2010 will help you jumpstart your diagramming using 60+ out of the box templates including BPMN; visualize KPIs in vibrant, data-connected diagrams using any browser; and map your business processes using the right tool for the job.

Why Your Processes are Begging for Operational Decision Management

Any organization that has successfully implemented some level of Business Process Management (BPM), whether a first project or extended program, can point to its many benefits, such as improved coordination, control and employee productivity. But these benefits can decrease over time due to issues such as process complexity and excessive manual activities, as well as difficulties in coordinating actions across processes. Operational Decision Management (ODM) technology helps simplify processes and increase automation, as well as providing real-time responsiveness to actionable opportunities and risk situations.   ODM solutions enable intelligent decision automation to complement BPM and extend its business value, making processes more flexible and adaptive in response to evolving policy and market demands.

10 Ways to Tactical Business Success with BPM

Managing change efficiently is a key to business success and sometimes that change is incremental and evolutionary, and other times radical and revolutionary.  Managing change with business process management (BPM) is often thought of as the solution to radical business transformation and it often is. However, the little known secret is that BPM is also great for managing the incremental, tactical changing requirements of the day that constrain business and increase costs. Attend this informative webinar to hear Dan Tortorici, Director of Oracle Business Process Management Solutions discuss 10 different ways that you can achieve tactical business success with BPM. Featured Speaker:

Capability Mapping - Part 1

Leveraging a Foundational Business Discipline Capability mapping is commonly recognized as a business-oriented foundation for communication and collaboration, issue analysis and resolution, and prioritization and roadmap creation. Capability mapping is not hype and it is not an IT discipline. Rather it is a rapidly growing business practice that establishes a common business vocabulary that enables an organization to articulate an actionable vision, state a clear direction, focus investment priorities, address merger, acquisition, divestiture and outsourcing challenges, and focus technology investments on clearly articulated business demands. To begin leveraging this powerful discipline, attend this half-day workshop. The session will allow you to jumpstart or accelerate the mapping and use of business capabilities for a variety of business initiatives. Half-day workshop topics include:
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