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2021 Training Schedule

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    Half-day format starts at 8am ET Half-day format starts at 2pm CET Full-day format starts at 9am CT Full-day format Starts at 9am PT Half-day format starts at 1pm CT Half-day format starts at 1pm WET Full-day format starts at 9am ET Full-day format starts at 9am ET    
BPM Training
BPM 101
24/7 4/6-7 6/287/12-139/13-149/2011/15YesYes
Process Modeling, Analysis and Design: As Is, To Be
24/7 4/8-9 6/297/19-209/20-219/2111/16YesYes
Process Measurement and Metrics
24/7 4/12-13 6/307/26-279/27-289/2211/17YesYes
Establishing Business Process Governance & Centers of Excellence
24/7 4/14-15 7/18/2-310/4-59/2311/18YesYes
Process Modeling With BPMN
24/7 4/12-13-14-15 6/30-7/18/9-109/27-28-10/4-59/22-2311/17-18YesYes
Methodologies and Approaches for BPM
24/7   6/288/16-179/13-149/2011/15YesYes
Advanced Facilitation Skills
24/73/8-93/8-9 6/298/23-249/20-219/2111/16YesYes
Organizational Change Management
24/7   7/19/1-210/4-59/2311/18YesYes
Customer Experience Modeling, Analysis and Design
    6/308/18-19 9/2211/17YesYes
OpEx 101
24/7    7/28-29 9/2111/16YesYes
Lean Six Sigma and BPM
24/7    8/2-3 9/2211/17YesYes
Lean Tools in Action
24/7    8/9-10 9/2311/18YesYes
OpEx Tools of the Trade
     8/16-17   YesYes
Agile Methodology for BPM
  4/6-7  7/12-139/13-149/2011/15YesYes
Agile BPM Roles and Responsibilities
  4/8-9  7/19-209/20-219/2111/16YesYes
Agile Techniques for BPM
  4/12-13  7/26-279/27-289/2211/17YesYes
Agile BPM in Action
  4/14-15  8/2-310/4-59/2311/18YesYes
BA Training
BA 101
24/7 4/6-74/266/287/14-159/13-149/2011/15YesYes
Building a Business Architecture
24/7 4/8-9-12-134/27-286/29-307/21-229/20-21-27-289/21-2211/16-17YesYes
Launching Your Business Architecture Practice
Establishing Business Architecture Governance and Centers of Excellence
The Business Architecture Playbook
Business Architecture / IT Architecture Alignment
24/7  4/286/309/7-89/27-289/2211/17YesYes
Digital Transformation Training
Digital Transformation 101: Alleviating Digital Transformation Debt
Low Code/No Code: The Good, The Bad and The Challenging
Hyper Automation: Robotic, AI-Assisted and Cognitive
Best Practices for Digital Transformation: Culture in Action
Agile Business Analysis 101
24/7   6/28 9/13-149/2011/15YesYes
The Agile Business Analyst
    6/29 9/20-219/2111/16YesYes
The Practice of Agile Business Analysis
    6/30-7/1 9/27-28-10/4-59/22-2311/17-18YesYes
Digital Decisioning and Automated Decisions 101
Improving Digital Decisions with Machine Learning
Decision Modeling With DMN
Process Mining 101
Process Mining to RPA & Process Automation
Process Data Cleansing and Aggregation
Advanced Process Mining
Low Code/No Code 101
Low Code/No Code: Platforms, Paradigms & ROIs
Scaling Low Code/No Code Architectures
Low Code/No Code Competency Centers and Best Practices
Intelligent Automation 101
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Intelligent Process Automation of Things (IPAoT)
Decentralized Automation
Additional Electives Training
Design Thinking Applied
Roadmap for Digital Business Success
Digital Customer Experience
Establish a Digital Center of Excellence
Data Analytics 101
Statistics for Data Analytics
Data Management and Data Governance
Data Visualization
Robotic Process Automation