Ian Gotts



Business Analysis is a critical, underrated and scarce skill on app implementations

Increasingly any business change is tied to new systems implementation or an upgrade. So it naturally was left to the IT department; “it’s software, right” But to exploit technology, an organization needs strong business analysis skills. As companies implement multiple cloud based apps enable...

Aren’t all businesses “digital”?

Aren’t all businesses “digital”? If they aren’t now, the winners certainly will be. “Virtually every firm in every industry is being shaken up by the digital revolution. No chief executive can ignore the onslaught of mobile computing, big data, artificial intelligence and the like. And while...

The Digitization Agenda

Digital Freedom The world has changed. Mobile devices combined with cloud apps have freed us from the traditional 9-5 commute to an office. “At work” is an activity and no longer a location or time in the day. This is explored in a recent article “Daddy are you still at work“. And that change has...

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